Ferrari, Brembo Working to Determine F1 Brake Failure

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MODENA, Italy – Ferrari says it is working with supplier Brembo to understand the cause of Sebastian Vettel’s brake failure at the Italian Grand Prix.

The four-time world champion was forced to retire from the race on Sept. 6th after just six laps after he suffered a brake failure into the first chicane.

The issue ended Vettel’s weekend of woe, after he was eliminated in Q1 the day before during qualifying.

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According to Ferrari’s Head of Strategy Inaki Rueda Vettel’s car “still had some braking effect”, but it was “was not enough to continue” in the race.

He added: ”Now we must understand what happened and we are working on that with Brembo.”

Ferrari’s second car, piloted by Charles Leclerc, also failed to take the checkered flag after the 22-year-old had a major crash at the Parabolica corner.

Leclerc was checked and cleared by medical staff after the accident and Rueda praised enhanced safety standards following the hefty shunt.

“It was a heavy impact, but Charles emerged completely unscathed, as confirmed by the medical center at the track and then after more extensive checks in Monaco,” Rueda said.

“Once again it showed just how high are the safety standards in Formula 1, although one can never drop one’s guard on this front, so we must always study every accident to learn as much as possible to reduce the risk to a minimum.

“It’s this perseverance and attention to detail, which has led to rigorous safety systems, guaranteeing maximum driver safety.”

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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