Federal-Mogul Motorparts recently announced that Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads reduced the stopping distance of a test vehicle by up to 6% when compared to four key competitors in tests held by Federal-Mogul Motorparts. Conducted at Tarlton International Raceway under dry conditions with a load of 900 kg excluding driver (average load simulation), the pads achieved an average stopping distance of 33.33 m, while the competitors took up to 35.56 m, resulting in a stopping distance over 6% sooner.

The company’s latest Ferodo Eco-Friction Days event held at Dezzi raceway allowed attendees to test the performance of the latest Ferodo brake technology and gain first-hand experience of the safety benefits provided by the environmentally-friendly pads.

Participants were accompanied by experienced Federal-Mogul Motorparts test drivers and performed dry-weather testing in Toyota Quantum Taxis fitted with Eco-Friction pads and OE products. The test involved decelerating the Quantum from 80 km/h to standstill in an emergency stop simulation, activating the vehicle’s ABS system.

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