Exports Tripled, Growth Up 30% for SEINSA in 2021

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Source: SEINSA announcement

MADRID — Seinsa Corporation, a leader in Europe in the manufacture of brake, transmission, steering and suspension system parts, closes 2021 with 30 percent growth compared to the previous year and having managed to multiply by three exports to the U.S. and Mexico.

“We have a very positive valuation of this year and we predict an even better 2022, marking us as a goal to reach 40 million turnover,”, said José Antonio Espinosa, Managing Director of Seinsa Corporation.

The spare parts sector is a booming sector, which is a lever of employment generating more than 10 percent of the employment in the manufacturing industry and a lever for the growth of the economy in Spain.

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An example of success is SEINSA; the company had set itself to grow by 20 percent in 2021 and has exceeded this forecast by 10 percent. The company attributes this growth to the supply crisis from which it has seen benefits and the strong investment it makes in innovation, ensuring that “innovation is the only way to lead.”

The pandemic has also generated a paradigm shift where customers are looking for a production located in Europe and move away from the Asian market.

“We know that the future of the sector and our economy is to offer a quality European product, homemade like ours and not dependence on other markets,” said Espinosa.

In addition, in this last year many European companies demonstrated a desire to work with suppliers that value and are committed to sustainability, that is, not only in the manufacturing of new parts, but also in the rebuilding of the old ones.

“In Seinsa we have the objective of providing these sustainable companies, because it is a very important part in the future of the aftermarket,”, added Espinosa.

SEINSA has prepared to launch a new product at the beginning of 2022, coinciding with its 50th anniversary, which is focused on the brake and that will greatly improve the range of products within its catalog, which already has 16,000 references.

European model based on people

SEINSA Corporation has an expansion plan to grow by 40 percent during the next three years, multiplying its annual sales volume, which reached €30 million in 2020, despite and against the forecasts of the automotive sector in general. Some 98 percent of the Navarrese company’s sales correspond to exports for 85 brands from 85 countries.

The company has established itself as a pioneer in Spain in the development of the European model of business excellence and makes its anti-crisis management methodology available to the entire automotive sector.

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In 2002, it won the European EFQM award for quality management and in 2005 it opened a factory in Chennai (India), which has allowed it to enter other markets, mainly in the U.S.

In 2020 SEINSA becomes one of the most innovative companies recognized by INNOBASQUE.

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