Euro 7 Strategy Panel at EuroBrake

STANSTEAD, U.K. – EuroBrake Strategy Panel 2023: Effects of the Euro 7 (EU7) regulation on brake system development and homologation will be a major program at the upcoming EuroBrake 2023 Sept. 12 – 14 in Barcelona.

The new Euro 7 standards rules will be the first worldwide emission standards to move beyond regulating exhaust pipe emissions and set additional limits for particulate emissions from brakes and rules on microplastic emissions from tires. These rules will apply to all vehicles, including electric ones.

The panel will discuss the following:

  • How does the braking industry interpret EU7?
  • The necessary contributions to the solution and challenges
  • The planned procedure for the homologation of new vehicles
  • How to deal with the aftermarket situation
  • Further legislative outlooks – Globalization (Asia and Americas) and harmonization of test conditions and limit values

There will be speaker representatives from:

  • OEMs
  • Test institutes and service providers
  • Main component manufacturers of brake discs and brake pads
  • EU Commission representative

Poster session

As usual, EuroBrake posters will be on display throughout the conference with the following posters to be featured:

  • Research and application of configurable braking service software architecture for train fusion control by Le Wang, Locomotive & Car Research Institute
  • Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the emissions of representative railway braking systems by Raafa Al Kaderi, IMT Nord Europe
  • Friction film stability and composition of a metal-ceramic friction couple for emergency brakes by Nico Langhof, University of Bayreuth
  • Critical materials in brake pads formulations: hot-spot analysis trough life cycle assessment by Rosamarie Depetris, ITT Motion Technologies
  • Shim without metal carriers by Gino Fronzoni, Omnia Advanced Materials
  • Perspectives on the tribological and emission behavior of friction material formulations with the utilization of different industrial wastes – a critical evaluation by Priyadarshini Jayashree, University of Trento
  • Study on the numerical analysis to predict characteristics of fine particle emission from automotive braking by Younki Ko, Korea Automotive Technology Institute
  • Braking status monitoring of metro based on deceleration feedback (close loop) braking control system by Yuzhu Wang, China Academy of Railway Sciences
  • A study of characteristic analysis and optimal design method of pneumatic braking system in fuel cell electric vehicles by Sejoon Lee, Hyundai Motor Company
  • Evaluation of brake disc composition using Pin-on-Disc tribometer by Avinash Rao, Mahindra Research Valley, M&M
  • Comparison of the WLTP test cycle between dynamometer and tribometer with the development of a method to chemically characterize braking system emissions by Aleandro Diana, Università degli studi di Torino
  • Rice husk agricultural industrial waste as environmentally friendly ingredient in brake pad friction material by Davide Carlevaris, University of Trento
  • Particulate emissions from laser cladded brake disc coatings by Yezhe Lyu, Lund University
  • Study of modal coupling of disc-pad and prediction of suitable insulating material for damping squeal noise by Anand Ramamoorthy, Brakes India Private Limited         
  • The definitive brake by wire non-polluting braking system by Oscar David Dominguez, Bret Osdobre Strategic Consulting
  • Development of torque control logic to mitigate AT creep groan issue by
  • Sourav Nanda, Mahindra Research Valley, M&M
  • Elimination of brake squeal noise in a multi-purpose vehicle by Avinash Rao, Mahindra Research Valley, M&M
  • Automatic brake pad measurement system by Seung-Bok Kim, Sun Bee Instruments

The technical and research content of selected submissions will be briefly highlighted in the Poster short talk session taking place on Thursday 14th September. All delegates are invited to this important session. Authors will also be available to further discuss their poster presentations during the poster viewing session which is taking place during the lunch break on Wednesday Sept. 13th in the exhibition hall.


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