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EBC Brakes Launches New Range of D-1 GPFAX Pads

EBC Brakes is proud to announce the launch of its latest and greatest D-1 range of the GPFAX sintered pads for motorcycle road racing and track days

Made 100% in the USA using a new blend of vacuum furnace sintered carbon copper alloy bonded onto high carbon SAE1074 laser cut steel backing plates, the new pads are built to perform and outperform.

In our in-house Track Simulation dynamometer our new pads outperformed the best we could find on the global aftermarket and results are shown below.

EBC pad after testing
Competitor pad after testing

On field evaluations during 2018, with numerous riders at the IOM TT and Road Races around the world, results were equally impressive. Having the confidence to use these pads in the most extreme and safety-demanding race course in the world – The Isle of Man – is a major plus in the new product’s favour. The Isle of Man is a demanding course for rider safety and predictability with zero room for error, but as any racer will know even harder use on tracks such as Road America pushes temperatures far higher and places massive demands on brake pad performance.

The new GPFAX pads deliver in all aspects and have an extremely high yet controllable friction level, with pad fade being non-existent. The heat cycling or “repeatability” of the new GPFAX race pads is even more impressive, whilst the stiffer high-carbon steel backplates eliminate all chance of backplate distortion or buckling.

Wear life was also superb, showing the EBC Brakes pads outlasted all other race pads tested. So here we have a race brake pad that lasts longer and performs better than the best so far.

A list of EBC pad references available in the new D-1 range of GPFAX race pads is viewable here.

Source: EBC

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