E-scooter Wars: Atlanta Taps The Brakes On Permits

ATLANTA, GA–In the wake of the second fatal e-scooter death in the city of Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is putting the brakes on new scooter companies to the city.  

The Mayor signed an executive order banning all new permits until August 5, which is when she plans on introducing new legislation dealing with the scooters’ impact on the city’s infrastructure and public safety.

It is the latest move against e-Scooters, which have inundated cities in the last few years. Paris, for example, reportedly has more than 45,000 scooters on its streets provided by more than a dozen companies. New York has withheld permits for scooters.

In some cities, like Portland Oregon and Los Angeles, there are ongoing debates and arguments among city dwellers about whether the E-scooters are a viable part of urban mobility or a scourge.

At the center of the debates is the scooter traffic on sidewalks, people not trained on them driving them and the pile-up of scooters at popular public places and destinations.

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