Tuesday, November 20

DP Brake Pads – Review

Next to zipping right along, my favorite thing to do on a motorcycle is slow down—rapidly, on demand. Doing that at track days had worn my front brake pads. The slow-speed maneuvering skills I learned in a Ride Like a Pro course had taxed the rears. To refresh the pads and kick up braking performance, I replaced the OEM brake pads with DP Brakes SDP Sport HH+ pads.

DP Brakes says it developed this particular compound for street use “to provide an industry high HH+ friction rating with consistent, powerful, controllable braking performance together with low lever effort, no noise, low rotor wear and reduced dust.” (The friction rating for the matching rear pads is GG.)

Full Article – http://ridermagazine.com/2017/05/30/dp-brake-pads-review-2/

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