Disc Brakes Equal Safety and Improved Appearance

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Source: Zimmermann GmbH announcement

SINSHEIM-DÜHREN, Germany – It is no secret that absolute safety and a cool look are features that always score points with car enthusiasts. When it comes to brakes, safety is paramount. It is even better when increased braking performance can also improve the look of the vehicle.

The brake experts of Zimmermann GmbH in Sinsheim describe how this is possible. With cars, it is not just acceleration that counts. At high speeds, braking deceleration is vital, especially in critical situations.

When braking from high speeds, brake systems produce very high temperatures. A buildup of heat – especially in the brake disc – can cause a temporary reduction in braking performance, also known as brake fade.

The more efficiently the brake disc can be kept within the optimum temperature range, the better brake fade can be avoided, and the usual braking performance achieved. The necessary heat dissipation from the rotor is accelerated in ventilated discs. It is even faster if – in addition to the ventilation channel between the braking surfaces – holes or grooves in the friction surface dissipate the heat. The Zimmermann sports discs offer these holes and grooves, which are distributed over the friction surface in such a way that optimum heat dissipation is ensured.

In addition to heat, water and brake dust can also be dissipated through the holes and grooves. This leads to improved wet braking behavior. With cross-drilled or grooved brake discs the brake responds significantly faster, resulting in a shorter braking distance.

In addition to the improved braking performance, customers often choose this disc because of their sporty appearance. The rim reveals a brake disc that gives a sporty, dynamic impression thanks to the individual hole or groove pattern.

Zimmermann’s exclusive heat-resistant, aluminum-based CoatZ coating protects the disc’s hub from corrosion to ensure a long-lasting premium look.

Tuning options are available for more than 800 different vehicles with the cross-drilled brake rotors, as the drilled disc can easily replace the original disc. These discs have a KBA or ECE approval.

Since Zimmermann brake discs are produced at the German plant in Sinsheim, they are not affected by interrupted supply chains and are available from stock.

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Zimmermann offers matching brake pads for cross-drilled and grooved brake rotors, matched to the various vehicles.

So, fun and safety become one!

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