Demonstrating Chevy Bolt Regen Braking

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John Goreham, a member of the New England Motor Press Association, recently reported in a post on Torque News about his participation in a General Motors’ event designed to demonstrate some of the unique features and characteristics of the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt sedan. Regenerative braking, along with one-pedal driving, was spotlighted during the program which included driving up Mount Washington, N.H., the highest peak in the Northeast. The following is excerpted from the article posted by Goreham in Torque News.

MOUNT WASHINGTON, N.H. — One of the best parts of living electric is the ability to use one-pedal driving and to recoup braking energy via electric regeneration (technically just generation). The all-new 2022 Chevrolet Bolt has a nifty one-pedal driving button to help make capturing the most energy very easy. Chevy puts the button in plain sight near the gear selector and it is licking, meaning you don’t have to hit it again when you reenter the vehicle.

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We joined a GM-sponsored Chevy Bolt Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) event in New Hampshire this week to learn every detail possible about the new Bolt EUV. We have a more comprehensive report coming once our images are ready for publication, but wanted to highlight the brake energy recapture in this story.

One Pedal Driving – What Is It?

One pedal driving is a drive mode where the EV you are in uses its electric motors aggressively to recapture energy when you slow down. You rarely need the brake the system works so seamlessly. If you prefer the old-fashioned feeling of a car that glides to a stop, the Bolt EUV has that mode too.

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One Pedal Driving – Why Bother?

By enabling one-pedal driving you can capture more of the energy that would otherwise be lost to your friction brakes. And the amount is meaningful. We started up Mt. Washington with 248 miles of range estimated by the vehicle. Of course, that would be for normal driving. Gaining six thousand feet of elevation in eight miles is anything but normal. During our drive up, the Bolt’s awesome torque was on full display. We enabled Sport Mode and the Bolt EUV pulled like a coal-powered train (which still runs up and down the mountain every day. And boy can you smell the pollution at the top.

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