Continental Re-defines Tire Braking Tests

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Source: Continental announcement

HANOVER, Germany — Continental has presented a driverless and fully electric test vehicle which it has developed for measuring the braking performance of passenger car tires. The objective of the fully automated test is to further reduce the braking distance of tires to ensure greater road safety.

The AVA — “Analytic Vehicle AIBA” — enables precise monitoring of the frictional properties of tires during braking maneuvers on dry and wet roads.

For the first time, the Continental AVA combines the advantages of a test method which is independent of the vehicle model, with the controlled and reproducible test environment of the Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer (AIBA).

Continental’s tire testing experts can therefore perform tests regardless of vehicle specific characteristics. With this, Continental has one of the world’s most advanced and precise tire braking test methods. The cutting edge and globally unique test vehicle is used on the company’s proving ground Contidrom near Hanover, Germany.

“Our analytic vehicle AVA helps us to analyze the performance of our premium tires in even greater detail and systematically develop them,” explained Dr. Boris Mergell, Head of Research and Development of Continental’s Tires group sector.

Transmission of forces between the tire and the road surface is decisive for tire braking performance. It is equally important for cornering characteristics or when changing direction.

“The performance of the tire during braking is essential for the safety of the vehicle. For this reason, we make great efforts to analyze our tires as precisely as possible,” emphasizes Mergell.

For the tire braking tests, the AVA is accelerated to a test speed of 65 km/h with the aid of an electromagnetic linear drive, which is derived from modern roller coaster technology.

Then, several fully automated braking tests are carried out. The AVA drive system is equipped with two electrically driven axles, which are powered by a high-performance battery. The high maximum torque ensures that a constant speed can be maintained, while the test tires on the third axle can be systematically braked.

The integrated braking system of the AVA is equipped with Brake-by-Wire technology from Continental’s Automotive business sector.

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Unlike conventional hydraulic braking systems, the braking signal is transferred electronically. The brake response is very quick and precise, which is essential for accurate testing or measuring.

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