Carlson Launches New, Feature-Rich Brake Hardware Website

Lima, OH, May 2018 – Carlson Quality Brake Parts has launched a new, mobile-friendly website featuring a wealth of informative and entertaining resources to help educate the market on the importance of changing brake hardware with every brake job.

The new site,, builds on extensive research conducted by Carlson to determine the most effective tools to educate their customers and consumers on the importance of replacing brake hardware.
“Our research shows that once people understand the value of changing brake hardware, they won’t ever want to do a brake job without it,” said Paul Johnson, president of International Brake Industries, which manufactures and sells the Carlson brand. “Our new intuitive and mobile-friendly website makes it easy to learn, share and sell the importance of changing the hardware with every brake job.”

The new website includes a variety of tools, flyers and videos from third-party experts, all easily shareable with a single click.

  • Training videos based on brake hardware noise and durability research
  • Advice from experts, including top auto repair YouTube influencer Chris Fix, champion race car driver Clay Millican, Counterman editor Mark Phillips, and Brake and Front End editor Andrew Markel
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-access online catalog
  • Product brochures
  • Brake blogs
  • An opt-in newsletter for “braking” news

The site is currently live and updated regularly with new content and coverage announcements. Carlson encourages visitors to provide feedback and suggestions on the new site, which can be submitted through the contact page.

About International Brake Industries

Located in Lima, Ohio, International Brake Industries (IBI) specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and production of aftermarket brake system hardware components and repair kits worldwide. IBI’s products, such as disc and drum brake hardware kits, are sold under the Carlson Quality Brake Parts brand name and through a variety of private label programs. IBI recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in the aftermarket auto industry. For additional information, visit

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