Carlson Introduces QuietGlide® Brake Clips, Eliminating Brake Noise and Reducing Drag

Say “Goodbye” to brake noise and “Hello” to better mileage. Carlson Quality Brake Parts has introduced a new innovative brake clip, called QuietGlide®, which combines the durability of stainless steel with the most advanced design in the industry. The new product’s design improvements reduce wear and noise, preventing premature wear of the brake pads and enhancing performance.

Carlson Quality Brake Parts designs every QuietGlide® clip for superior results, meeting or exceeding OE fit & functional performance. Each clip is made of stainless steel for corrosion-free performance. One side is coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which has an incredibly low coefficient of friction to reduce drag and allow the pads to slide more freely. As a result, QuietGlide® Brake Clips can reduce wear on the pads and rotors, reducing heat in the brake system and improving fuel efficiency. The other side of the clip is coated with an exclusive, innovative vulcanized rubber compound that virtually eliminates brake noise—the #1 customer complaint.

QuietGlide® Brake Clips are made using an advanced manufacturing process. First, the stainless steel is put through a vigorous cleaning process. Next, a bonding agent is applied to one side of the stainless steel and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is applied to the other side in a coating line. The clip then moves to a Double Belt Press line, where the rubber is vulcanized to the stainless steel. This vulcanization process utilizes an elaborate array of pressures and temperatures in a process called Crosslink, allowing the metal and rubber to be intertwined in a bond that will not separate.

 QuietGlide® Brake Clip is the most advanced design on the market. It can reduce drag and wear on the pads and rotors, reducing friction and heat, which can result in improved fuel efficiency. QuietGlide® Brake Clips can also extend the life of new pads and improve the braking experience by reducing noise and improving pedal feel.

Brake noise is the most common customer complaint and reason for comebacks, so it literally pays to reduce noise. At an independent, third-party automotive lab, Carlson’s QuietGlide® Brake Clips consistently eliminated brake noise in cars and reduced it nearly 50% in trucks due to the specially coated clips with premium vulcanized rubber. The full test results are available to view on Carlson’s website at

To get the best possible performance possible from your brakes, Carlson’s innovative QuietGlide® Brake Clip is the only choice.

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