Brembo’s Alberto Bombassei


The following (very short) interview with Brembo President Alberto Bombassei appeard in Italy’s alVolante.

CURNO, Italy – Collecting the baton in 1964 from his father, founder of Brembo, Alberto Bombassei has been able to transform a small company into a world-class leader in the design and production of brakes for high-performance cars. From his point of view, in the last two decades “the car” has changed like this …

What are the technical innovations that have changed the car most in the last twenty years? 

The introduction of ABS and ESP were two fundamental stages in the development of the car, which however did not have any impact on our braking systems. What instead guided the technical development of Brembo systems was certainly the increase in vehicle performance, especially in our reference market. Cars today are larger, faster and heavier. And they will become even more so with the advent of electrification, due to the weight of the batteries. This requires brakes with better performance, but lighter. Hence the birth of Brembo brake discs made with composite materials, but also and above all the carbon-ceramic discs, which greatly reduce the weight, guaranteeing superior braking performance.

The implementation of driving assistance and regenerative braking systems did not affect much the development of Brembo products. The most advanced Adas systems will require more advanced by-wire brake systems, even without brake fluid, which will not require driver input. While regenerative braking could reduce the size of discs, pads and brake calipers. However, it is difficult to predict when this will happen.

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