Brembo to Expand Beyond Product Line

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Brembo, a global leader in high-performance automotive braking systems, is advancing its mission of leading new mobility solutions with expansions to its Beyond product family. These innovative solutions, built on decades of expertise, will soon be available for a wider range of vehicle classes.

Key Highlights:

  • Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit: Euro 7-compliant, reduces PM10 and PM2.5 emissions, lowers total vehicle ownership costs, and maintains high performance.
  • Brembo Beyond EV Kit: Designed for electric and plug-in vehicles, eliminates rust and noise.
  • Expansion: New products to be added to the Beyond family, catering to a broader variety of vehicles.

Brembo, renowned for its high-performance braking systems, continues to push the envelope with its Beyond product family. These award-winning solutions reflect Brembo’s commitment to innovation and advanced mobility.

The Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit is a standout in their lineup, offering Euro 7-compliant braking solutions that significantly reduce PM10 and PM2.5 emissions. This not only benefits the environment but also generates savings on the total cost of vehicle ownership without compromising performance.

Meanwhile, the Brembo Beyond EV Kit caters specifically to electric and plug-in vehicles. This kit is designed to eliminate rust and noise, addressing common issues faced by electric vehicle owners.

Looking ahead, Brembo plans to expand the Beyond family further, incorporating more products to cater to an even wider variety of vehicles. This expansion is a testament to Brembo’s dedication to innovation and its proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

By leveraging its six decades of expertise in developing advanced original equipment (OE) braking technologies, Brembo continues to set the standard in both performance and sustainability. The Beyond family exemplifies Brembo’s holistic approach to new mobility, ensuring that advancements in technology go hand in hand with environmental responsibility and cost-efficiency.

Brembo‘s expansions to its Beyond product family highlight the company’s role as a pioneer in the automotive industry, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of modern mobility.

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