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Brembo Highlights Technology and Speed at New York International Auto Show

New caliper, brake-by-wire, color palate, discovery challenge at NYIAS

NEW YORK, (April 3, 2018) – Brembo is highlighting its technology, an all-new brake caliper design and their full line of design-centric high-performance brake components at the 118th edition of the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) this week.
With close to 1,000 cars and trucks on display at this year’s show, Brembo is displaying its unique Brake-by-Wire technology, its all-new lightweight brake caliper, shown exclusively on the Pagani Huayra BC in the company’s display at the show, as well as a rainbow of caliper colors that highlight Brembo’s commitment to performance through design. The all-new caliper design features a significant reduction of 400 grams per corner and the highest ratio of lightweight/stiffness ever for a cast aluminum caliper for road use. The weight optimization ensures a decrease in unsprung weight, which increases the super car’s overall performance.
In addition to road car, truck/SUV and super car brake calipers, Brembo demonstrates its commitment to the future with its Formula E racing brake system. The new Formula E single-seaters, the first equipped with a battery that allows them to complete an entire race without a pit-stop, will all be fitted with Brembo braking systems. This is no small engineering feat as Brembo was required to design and develop from scratch the discs and carbon pads most suitable for these models.
A Formula E single-seater, driver included, weighs 1,940 lbs. (about 331 lbs. more than a Formula 1 car), has 18-inch wheels and sits 49.21 inches off the ground. All of this has an impact on the characteristics of the braking system, which must not only be lightweight, but must also be perfectly sized to reduce braking distances to a minimum.
The Brembo Brake-by-Wire system, which is already in use in Formula 1, is characterized by the replacement of hydraulic and mechanical mechanisms with electronically managed functions. This system improves safety because the system is more powerful, thanks to regenerative braking, and it no longer has dragging torque. It also decreases CO2 emissions and optimizes energy consumption.
Brembo has its full color palate of calipers on display in the Crystal Palace. At one time, all brake calipers were a single color, the characteristic color of the material used to produce them. This was an oddity in the world of cars which for decades showed off colorful wheel rims, seats, steering wheels and even sound systems. In 1992 Brembo launched the first red colored calipers, becoming the first true icon of brake design.
Today, Brembo makes calipers in more than 100 colors, several of which have become legendary for some vehicle models. Seeing them on the screen is one thing, but seeing them up close and live, as visitors did at the NYIAS, is something else.
Show goers can play the Brembo Discovery Challenge. Attendees simply take photos of their favorite Brembo brakes on two different vehicles at the show and enter the Brembo Discovery Challenge (at for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the high-performance Cadillac V-Performance in Nevada.

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