Brembo Adds Calipers for LCVs

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Source: Brembo announcement

STEZZANO, Italy – Brembo, the leading company in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, welcomes the latest addition to its aftermarket offering: an entirely new family of floating calipers and brackets for LCV (light commercial vehicles).

This important newcomer marks a step forward in Brembo’s product portfolio, embracing the company’s mission to become a solution provider.

The new calipers and brackets are directly derived from Brembo’s experience in the original-equipment (OE) market. As well as sharing the same high quality and technical content, the new products use the same research and modeling processes as their OE counterparts.

This solution has been manufactured and tested in-house with the most advanced technologies, which allow Brembo’s engineers to assess the performance and the reaction of the braking system under a huge range of different conditions.

Specifically, the solution originates from Brembo’s technical know-how and is able to cope with the structural and functional peculiarities of the most popular and recent light commercial vehicles on the market.

Commercial vehicles are required to meet the highest standards of safety, reliability and integrity to last years in each and every environmental condition. To achieve this, all the components of the brake caliper must be engineered to provide high-performance resistance and long-lasting durability on the road.

Brembo’s latest line of brake calipers guarantees extremely high-quality and reliability, ensuring better resistance to atmospheric corrosion through the design of seals that prevent infiltrations.

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The result is a new entire offering of brake calipers, which include 86 unique part numbers for the main manufacturers of light commercial vehicles.

Brembo’s range of new brake calipers and brackets is available on the EMEA market from May 2022 in special dedicated packing.

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