Brake Safety Day Results in 1,290 Trucks Banned

Source: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announcement

GREENBELT, Md. — On April 27, 46 jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S. removed 1,290 commercial motor vehicles with brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations from Canadian and American roadways. That is 14.1 percent of the 9,132 commercial motor vehicles inspected that day.

This unannounced one-day inspection and enforcement initiative, conducted by members of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), focuses specifically on the brake systems and components on commercial motor vehicles. On Brake Safety Day, CVSA-certified inspectors conduct their usual commercial motor vehicle inspections; however, in addition, for this initiative, they also reported brake-related data to the Alliance.

Canada: six participating jurisdictions; 382 inspections; 62 brake-related out-of-service conditions; 16.2 percent of total inspected.

U.S.: 40 jurisdictions; 8,750 inspections; 1,228 brake-related out-of-service conditions; 14.1 percent of total inspected

In addition, inspectors compiled and reported brake hose/tubing violation statistics, which was the focus area for this year’s Brake Safety Day. There were 1,534 hose/tubing violations. CVSA asked inspectors to submit data on four categories of brake hose/tubing chafing violations:

A category 1 violation is when the wear extends into the outer protective material. Thirty-two percent of brake hose/tubing chafing violations were identified as this category. A category 1 violation is not an out-of-service condition.

Category 2 is when wear extends through the outer protective material into the outer rubber cover. This is not an out-of-service violation. The largest category, 37% of brake hose/tubing chafing violations were category 2.

In category 3, wear has made the reinforcement ply visible, but the ply remains intact. Thirteen percent of hose/tubing chafing violations were identified as category 3, which is not an out-of-service violation.

In category 4, chafing has caused any part of the fabric/steel brain reinforcement ply to be frayed, severed or cut through. This is an out-service-condition. Eighteen percent of brake hose/tubing chafing violations were category 4.

On April 1, CVSA updated the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria to amend category 4 to make any tubing/hose damage resulting in the fabric/steel braid reinforcement ply being frayed, damaged or cut an out-of-service violation.

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