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Bosch Spins Off Motorcycle Division Into New Company – 2016 Debut for Cost-effective ABS10 Braking System

As a world-leader in vehicle electronics, sensors, engine management and safety systems, Bosch has gone into the motorcycle systems business in a big way in 2016 by creating an independent supplier company for the industry. To this end, Bosch is pushing forward its next-generation ABS10 braking system, a hub-mounted electric motor for e-scooters and a slew of electronic riding aids for motorcycles.

Some studies have suggested that the global motorcycle market will expand by 160 million units a year till 2021, and 90% of those bikes are expected to be produced in Asia. Called the Two-Wheeler and Powersports division, the company is based in Yokohama, Japan, with branches in the US, Europe, India and China.

“Bosch technology for more efficiency and safety should be part of any car and in the future the same will go for motorcycles,” said Bosch management board member Dr. Dirk Hoheisel. “We are aiming to become a leading supplier in the motorcycle market, too. The portion of the market relevant for Bosch which covers driving safety systems, powertrain technology and infotainment systems will double over the next five years.”


Setting the pace with a proposed 2016 introduction is the ABS10, complemented by the MM5.10 inertial measurement unit, its famed Motronic engine management system and other sensors. Safety aids such as Side View Assist and Vehicle Hold Control are also on offer, all in an effort to make motorcycles safe and controllable under various road conditions.

The ABS10 is not meant to supplant Bosch’s previous generation ABS9, but to complement it. The ABS10 system was developed for bikes up to 250 cc, being 30% lighter and 45% smaller. It is offered in front wheel only and two-wheel (front and rear) versions. An eye was kept on costs during development, especially important for developing countries where the cost of safety can be prohibitive to potential buyers.

Another intriguing development from Bosch is the wheel hub motor, an electric powertrain offered exclusively in the China market. It can be used in most twist-and-go scooters and mopeds by simply substituting the conventional rear wheel.

Producing just 2.4 hp, it has an electronically controlled boost function that should provide lively take-offs. The eScooter motor is equipped with a controller module that can be programmed with specific functions such as detecting whether the seat is occupied, before activating the electric motor.


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