BORG Automotive Rebrands SBS Automotive

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BORG Automotive Group has completed the integration of SBS Automotive, now rebranded as BORG Automotive Newman, effective June 2024. This change marks the final step in the acquisition process that began in 2023.

Key Highlights:

  • BORG Automotive Newman replaces the SBS Automotive name.
  • The rebranding follows BORG’s 2023 acquisition of SBS Automotive.
  • The company’s operations, personnel, and locations remain unchanged.
  • The new visual identity integrates with the BORG Automotive family while retaining recognizable elements from SBS Automotive.

In 2023, BORG Automotive Group acquired SBS Automotive, initiating a comprehensive integration process. This process is now complete, culminating in SBS Automotive’s rebranding to BORG Automotive Newman, effective from June 2024.

As you drive past the nearly 60-year-old company locations in Støvring, Eisenach, or Chaumont, the familiar SBS logo will be replaced by BORG Automotive Newman signage. The name change signifies the end of the SBS Automotive brand, a change that was anticipated following the 2021 split of SBS Group. During that split, SBS Friction was acquired by Brembo, which retained the rights to the SBS name.

Bo Maagaard, Sales Director at BORG Automotive Newman, reassures stakeholders that despite the new name, the company remains unchanged in its core operations and values: “Apart from the new name, we are still the same company, the same people, and located at the same addresses. Furthermore, we still supply the same broad product range of high-quality products.”

BORG Automotive Newman will continue to supply the aftermarket under the well-known brands NK and Eurobrake. The company’s private label concept will also remain the same.

Visual Identity Revamp The rebranding includes a refreshed visual identity that aligns with the broader BORG Automotive family. While the new logo matches the style of BORG Automotive Group and its sister company, BORG Automotive Reman, it retains the red and black colors familiar to SBS Automotive.

Optimistic Outlook Bo Maagaard expresses optimism about the future, stating: “BORG Automotive Group not only provides us with a solid and supportive foundation that further strengthens our reputation and credibility, but it also connects us with the Group’s other business areas, such as BORG Automotive Reman, which makes way for new cooperative possibilities.”

With this rebranding, BORG Automotive Newman is now fully integrated into BORG Automotive Group, poised for future growth and collaboration within the Group’s extensive network.

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