Blubrake ABS G2 is Smaller, Better Performance

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Source: Blubrake announcement

BERGAMO, ITALY — Small, light-weight and adaptive: Blubrake ABS G2, the second-generation of the e-bike-specific anti-lock braking system by Blubrake that prevents front wheel lock and rear wheel lifting, comes as a further step forward in the development of technologies applied to electric bicycles, for a new braking experience that makes no shortcuts in terms of safety.

One single ABS control unit, small and easy to install, combined with an artificial intelligence system able to adjust the braking assistance according to the type of terrain: this is ABS G2, the new anti-lock braking system by Blubrake.

Set out to develop and apply to light-electric vehicles with sophisticated technologies trickled down from the automotive industry, since 2019 Blubrake has been on the market with the first and only e-bike-specific ABS that can be fully integrated in the frame and is compatible with third-party drive units and hydraulic brakes. Since then, the system has been adopted by benchmark brands including Bulls Bikes, Bianchi and Stromer.

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Thanks to the success of their first-generation ABS, the company has kept pushing on in terms of technological development, putting to good use the feedback from manufacturers, riders and test pilots: today, Blubrake is geared up to present ABS G2, the latest evolution of their system.

Reduced Dimensions and Superior Integration

Compared to the first version, Blubrake ABS G2 features a single unit which includes both the hydraulic actuator and the electronic control unit, for a 65-percent and 48-percent reduction in size and weight respectively.

The end result is that Blubrake ABS G2 can be easily integrated into the frame, with an installation procedure that has been further simplified and now has only two electrical connectors to take care of.

New External-Condition Detection Technology

Blubrake ABS G2 also evolves in terms of braking-control logic: the algorithm that manages the activation of the anti-lock system has been further optimized to deliver an even better grip detection and to adjust in real time to different surfaces: the braking experience always feels natural and smooth and the braking distance is effective, no matter the conditions.

“Constant innovation at the service of e-bike riders is at the core of our work,” commented Fabio Todeschini, Founder & General Manager of Blubrake. “We have designed Blubrake ABS G2 to meet strong end-user and manufacturer demand for greater safety, which in our case translates into prevention of accidents in dangerous conditions.

“Today, thanks to the simplicity of installation and to the reduced dimensions of this new solution, manufacturers can easily integrate our ABS in their bikes to offer safer and more reliable vehicles, and a greater peace of mind in everyday mobility.”

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Like the previous version, Blubrake ABS G2 has been designed to fit inside the bicycle frame; however, it can also be installed on the fork so as to satisfy any type of market requirement.

How It Works

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A system of sensors detects the speed of both front wheel and frame and transmits all information to the control unit. It is the control unit that, thanks to sophisticated algorithms coming from Blubrake team’s experience in the automotive industry, detects potentially dangerous situations that can occur while braking. Under these conditions, the actuator intervenes and controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to ensure smooth braking and to increase the stability and manoeuvrability of the e-bike.

Blubrake ABS G2 is now available to all e-bike manufacturers for city, trekking and mountain bike applications, for both pedelec and speed-pedelec type.

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