Bendix Honors Staffers for Safety Work

AVON, Ohio – The people who wear the blue of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC  are at the heart of the company’s commitment to drive improvements in its operations. Recently, Bendix employees from across its North American locations gathered in Avon, Ohio, where the company is headquartered, to recognize teams and individuals who are helping improve workplace safety, environmental conditions, production quality, and manufacturing efficiency.

Employees recognized in the annual award program represented Bendix facilities in Acuña, Mexico; Avon; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Hanover, Pennsylvania, where Bendix subsidiary R.H. Sheppard Co., Inc. operates; and Huntington, Indiana. Bendix honored four groups and 15 individuals for their commitment to continuous improvement in 2022 as part of the company’s Knorr Production System (KPS). In addition to their dedication to continuous improvement, these team members embody Bendix’s all-encompassing drive to help improve commercial vehicle and highway safety.

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This year marked the 10th anniversary of the recognition program, which has expanded in scope to honor more employees and their devotion to continuously improving Bendix’s work environment at all levels.

KPS award categories consisted of Safety STARS (Safety Top Achievement Recognition System), Environmental, Best Quick Kaizen, Most Quick Kaizens, and KPS Outstanding Contributor. Award winners were:

  • Safety STARS: Acuña Los Socios (25 members), Bowling Green Quality team (26 members), Hanover Plant 6 (22 members), Huntington Shipping Fast Break 2nd Shift (23 members)
  • Environmental: Oscar Fuentes, Acuña; Scott Wagner, Avon; Chris Windhaus, Bowling Green; James Hartley, Huntington
  • Best Quick Kaizen: Rafael Monjaras, Acuña; James Harrison, Bowling Green; George T. Small, Hanover; James Hartley, Huntington
  • Most Quick Kaizens: Yolanda Flota, Acuña; Lisa Eldridge, Bowling Green; Amy Leppo, Hanover; Butch Bowers, Huntington
  • KPS Outstanding Contributor: Maria Alvarez, Acuña; Brian Moon, Bowling Green; Scott O’Donnell, Hanover; Jay Edwards, Huntington

“Recognizing our KPS award winners and their efforts is something I look forward to each year because it’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on our team members’ hard work and dedication across locations,” said Eddie Wilkinson, Bendix vice president, project management office. “This being the recognition program’s 10th year makes it all the more special. What we, with the help of our award winners, accomplished in 2022 is truly remarkable. These people lead the way – embodying the KPS spirit of operational excellence and helping to motivate everyone around them in our drive for continuous improvement.”

All Bendix manufacturing operations are committed to the KPS quality, productivity, and continuous improvement culture, practiced worldwide throughout the Munich, Germany-based Knorr-Bremse, of which Bendix is a member.

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Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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