Authentic Vision’s Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Svendborg Brakes

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Source: Authentic Vision announcement

SALZBURG, Austria – Authentic Vision announced a new partnership with Svendborg Brakes. Svendborg Brakes manufactures a range of brake components used in a wide range of industrial machinery. These brakes components require stringent design, materials and manufacturing tolerances to ensure they can perform in highly demanding environments. 

Authentic Vision’s unique Holographic Fingerprint™ label assures customers they are purchasing authentic Svendborg Brakes parts that incorporate the company’s high-performance designs and high-quality manufacturing.

A simple scan using the Svendborg Brakes branded app confirms the components are authentic and meet Svendborg Brakes performance specifications.

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High Quality Materials and Stringent Design Requirements Drive

Due to the stringent specifications and demanding environmental conditions in which they operate, ensuring that customers have genuine products is critical. Genuine parts are manufactured according to exacting requirements using superior raw materials to assure they exceed existing standards – inputs difficult to discern using visual inspection only.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Svendborg Brakes.  Authentic Vision’s  Holographic Fingerprint™ label assures customers they are purchasing high-performance Svenborg Brakes rather than counterfeit products that do not meet the safety and durability characteristics of Svenbord-Brakes,” said Thomas Weiss, Chief Executive Officer, Authentic Vision.

The industrial brake components market is expected to grow at 3.7-percent CAGR through 2023 with anticipated market size exceeding $1 billion. They are used in a wide range of industries including wind and hydro power generation, construction, shipping, mining and robotics.

“Svendborg Brakes are used in many critical applications where performance, durability and safety are paramount.  Our collaboration with Authentic Vision assures  customers they are purchasing genuine, authentic Svendborg-Brakes built to our exacting performance specifications,” said Steven Olsen, Managing Director, Svendborg-Brakes.

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About Svendborg Brakes

Svendborg Brakes is present in more than 15 countries with full scale production in four. Part of the Altra Motion Group, with 48 global manufacturing sites and 27 industry leading brands.

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