Alto Air Disc Brake Line Launched by DuraBrake

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Source: DuraBrake announcement

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — DuraBrake has introduced its new Alto line of air disc brake (ADB) calipers for the North American heavy-duty market.  DuraBrake’s Alto line is a new caliper and not rebuilt from caliper cores, saving customers time, money and the assurances of a brand-new caliper with all new parts. 

DuraBrake Alto, meaning both “high” and “stop”, gets its name from the use of high-quality and high-strength components in the brake system

The company uses a high-grade ductile iron for the housing that it believes exceeds the tensile strength of the OEM’s material by approximately 9 percent.  Higher tensile strength of the housing allows good durability and higher compressive strength to more effectively slow the vehicle.

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“Future designs with higher strength materials will focus on weight reduction to maximize payloads and increase fuel economy,” said Shaun Shroff, company vice president.

In addition, using a new casting assures there will be no wear or defects in the caliper housing which can ultimately reduce the life or effectiveness of brake calipers.

Using a new casting with no-core also saves the end user from having to save, inventory and return cores in order to get their deposit back.

Utilizing a high-strength forged brake lever minimizes brake lever flex when the brakes are applied, thus maximizing braking force onto the brake pads and brake rotors. 

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Lastly, the high-quality guide pins and high-temperature boots DuraBrake uses aims to provide the user with trouble-free operation by minimizing sticking and maximizing brake function. 

DuraBrake has already started selling its calipers that replace WABCO brake systems and will soon be offering its versions of the Meritor and Bendix brake systems.    

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