Alcon Kits at SEMA

Perhaps one of the best-respected names in performance braking, Alcon Pro System Brakes highlighted some of its best brake systems for street and competition use at SEMA 2018. Their newest offerings for the aftermarket/street market are the RC4 and RC6. These big brake kits are the sportiest offerings for BMW and Nissan bolt-on performance for those who want to test their car’s abilities and run quick laps at the track without fearing fade or fire.

Aftermarket/Street Applications

Of these two, the RC4 is the introductory model. This system uses a forged, 2-piece 4-piston caliper, as well as fairly hefty disc sizes ranging from 330 x 28mm to 380 x 32mm. The pad area — 66.1cm² — provides more than enough for an M1, M2, or M3 to decelerate forcefully and repeatedly.

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