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Staffordshire, U.K. – Patria, a global market leader in the production of armored wheeled vehicles, have been selected with their 6×6 platform to be part of a joint program to develop sustained mobility enhancement for the Finnish and Latvian Armies.  Alcon is the principal supplier of braking components for Patria’s heavy armored vehicle range, and specifically the Patria 6×6.

Alcon has worked closely with Patria to determine the specific requirements aligned to vehicle specification, usage profiles and operating environment; developing a bespoke braking system to match the needs of high-performance defense vehicles. 

With the exceptional performance of Patria’s wheeled vehicle range creating conditions close to that of a rally car in terms of disc and pad temperature cycling,  Alcon were able to draw on their pedigree of providing braking solutions for the top echelons of motorsport to develop exclusive caliper and disc mounting concepts for Patria; a fusion of those seen on heavy commercial vehicles and high-performance motorsport.

The Patria 6×6 is acknowledged as being unrivalled in performance and mobility, setting new standards for all future armored wheeled vehicles. Reliability is underlined by the multitude of commercial components used in the vehicle.

Commercial components, long life-span and easy maintenance make the vehicle extremely cost-efficient; ideally matching the Finnish-Latvian program’s aim to develop a common armored wheeled vehicle system with enhanced mobility, cost-efficiency, interoperability and security of supply.

Alcon braking solutions have been sought out by some of the world’s finest defense industry vehicle OEMs.  Amongst 18 defense and security equipment OEMs currently using or assessing Alcon systems, as well as Patria, Supacat, the designers of the Jackal, BAe, Ricardo and Jankel have turned to Alcon to deliver bespoke braking systems that fully meet the demanding requirements of the challenging, high-performance, modern-day battlefield.

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