Akebono Adds Holidays to Help Limit Virus Spread

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Source: Akebono Brake Industry announcement

TOKYO – As part of its continuing action to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. announced the additional designation of company holidays for the month of July. In addition to this, employees are encouraged to continue current measures such as avoiding commuting on public transport during peak hours and working from home (telecommuting) as part of reforms to the working style of company employees.

The company been implementing measures since April 14 to limit the spread of COVID-19, including additional company holidays for indirect employees at the corporate head office.

In addition to this, measures such as the stopping of operations at domestic plants were determined based on the operating circumstances of automakers.

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Akebono will continue these measures in July, including stopping operations at plants for one to two days a week based on the operating circumstances of automakers. Additional designated company holidays have also been announced for indirect employees at the corporate head office.

Persons working for any of the following organizations: Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd., Akebono Advanced Engineering Co., Ltd., Akebono Research and Development Centre Ltd., Akebono 123 Co., Ltd., Akebono Kids Care Co., Ltd., Akebono FRESH Center.

The new holidays: July 3, 10, 17 and 30.

Employees are also encouraged to take annual paid leave on Friday, July 31st.

Friday, July 24th, has been designated education and training day.

Regarding Akebono’s plants in Japan, operations will be suspended on different days based on the operating circumstances of automakers.

On January 29, 2020, the company set up regular meetings for discussing countermeasures in response to the coronavirus outbreak and since then has implemented the following preventive measures: self-health checks prior to starting a work day, prohibiting employees with a fever of 37.5C or more from coming to work, restrictions on all international business travel and non-urgent domestic business travel, bans on meetings and gatherings of large numbers of employees and facilitation of flexible working hours to avoid commuting on public transport during peak hours.

The company will continue taking proactive measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, as well as implement new reforms to improve the working practices of our employees through practices such as flexible working hours and telecommuting.

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