AirBack Ltd Demonstrates New Brake Technology


A new innovation in braking technology is illustrated in a video produced by AirBack Ltd, developers of a drag-free brake design which significantly improves braking efficiency.

Reliability is crucial to the success of the braking system and Lee Products, who supplied its 3-port HDI Solenoid Valve, have played a key role in the 100 percent reliability being achieved.

Designed as an add-on system, AirBack reduces the friction between brake pads and discs without compromising the performance of the brakes and consequently improves the overall braking performance. It operates as a retraction and pre-fill system which utilizes positive and negative pressure and vacuum to deliver a minute gap (depending on the actual brake caliper design) between the brake and the disc. This is achieved by applying negative pressure to the brake line during acceleration and then supplying positive pressure when applying the brake.

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