Monday, February 24

AC Floby: SICA Interview with Adam Thomas

The SiCA light has been thoughtfully developed to be handled in an easy and more cost-effective way. The silicon carbide reinforced aluminum results in several different benefits for you as a client.

The lightweight material results in a 30-50% lighter brake disc than the cast iron equivalent. Other than the material being easy to recycle, vehicles fuel consumption and particle emissions will decrease.

Corrosion resistant
With rust decreasing the brake force of a disc, the rust-proof SiCAlight will ensure long-lasting results.

The all through aluminum brake disc will never have to be replaced during a cars entire lifespan. This lightweight method provides you with up to four times the durability of an average cast iron brake disc.

About AC Floby

Here in Floby, we have been manufacturing products for the automotive industry since 1957. Over the years, we have amassed extensive knowledge about both machining and installation. As a result, we now manufacture all our products according to the highest industry standards as regards quality, precision and environmental impact. In order to further optimize the process for each product, our engineers work in close collaboration with our customers.

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